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Hobart to Huonville in a Day


bike-ride-2Ride Summary

This ride is not for the novice, its serious stuff. This 98 kilometre ride on the Channel Hwy takes you from Hobart to Huonville following the coastline and offers a bit of everything for your enjoyment.

Ride Description

On the Channel Hwy, the twists and turns start even as you’re gliding past manicured gardens and cozy cottages. This highway continues nearly to Huonville, following the coastline. It coils down to the Taroona Shot Tower, a local attraction, where one needs to be on the qui vive for coaches full of sightseers. Atop the tower there are some fine views across the D’Entrecasteaux Channel.


A stop off at the Australian Antarctic Division, Antarctic display, is well worth the time. You can purchase souvenirs and great coffee is available at the coffee train (not going anywhere) on the right. Then you’re into it. The Channel Highway is a grouse road for the biker; curves of every kind with great tar and excellent sightlines.

bike-ride-snug-beachSnug is snug in every way (sounds like the back room of a Pommie pub!), but it’s noteworthy that over 60 per cent of the buildings were destroyed in the 1967 bush fires. If you want a few moments for R and R there’s no more peaceful place than Snug beach.

Psyche restored, it’s back on the road, and through an unmarked Flowerpot (keep your eyes peeled for orchards and on the left and a white house with a red roof; travel slowly and don’t blink or you’ll miss it). Continue on around long sweeping coastal curves where the lure is to open her up.

In short order you’re heading north again and keep hustling along through Woodstock and on to Huonville (named for D’Entrecasteaux’s second-in-command Huon de Kermadec) an area famous for the Huon pine. Alas, the pines have all gone, replaced by the fruit which gives Tasmania its name, The Apple Isle.


From Hobart, take the Channel Hwy South towards Kingston following the general coastline round the cape to Huonville on the Huonville Hwy. From here you can proceed on to Geeveston and the Air Walk or return to Hobart via the A6.

bike-rides-gordonBest Thing About This Ride

Idyllic scenery, long runs, curves, varied attractions, peaceful coastlines with unspoiled beaches, and usually great weather make this one of the most pleasant outings ever.

What Else To Look Out For

Watch out for sightseeing busses & tourists around the Taroona Shot Tower. Watch your speed on straight stretches or you’ll get ticketed by the local constabulary. Mind the locals who tend to pull out onto the Channel Hwy in disregard of others (especially fast moving bikers).


SOURCE: Motorcycle Rides – submitted by MC Rider